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When interfaces get into character - An interview with Amy Thibodeau

May 14, 2017

We've seen user interfaces evolve toward something that sometimes resembles human interaction. Organisations saw how funny, peppy content was working for other players and wanted in. But it doesn't quite work as a 'slap on at the last moment' kind of thing. 

For the second episode of our podcast we had Amy Thibodeau at Shopify join us. Amy got really passionate about interface content in her job as content strategist. 

Amy shares her views on the evolution of character in UI's, her experience with creating content for chatbots, her take on voice & tone and tells more about her upcoming book.

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  • Conversational UI (User Interface): As user interfaces are the links between humans and machines, we use the term 'conversational UI' to indicate that the interface has some sort of dialogue in a more literal sense of the word.
  • Chatbot: A type of conversational UI. It simulates a conversation that should resemble a human-to-human conversation to guide a user from their intent (what they want to do) to their goal.
  • Voice & tone: The definition of how you communicate in general (voice), and in specific situations (tone).